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Logbook servicing

Logbook servicing

What is “logbook servicing” and how does that compare to a “general service”

Let's take a look at servicing, the service schedule and how it helps keep your car in great condition.

So a “logbook” service is what we always recommend, and if you haven’t specifically asked for one - it’s what we’ll carry out anyway at Ringwood Autohaus. 

To put it simply, logbook servicing is following the manufacturers guidelines for how each vehicle should be serviced- when to replace things like spark plugs, cabin filters, fuel filters and brake fluid. Each brand has a slightly different approach, which is why we take the time to ensure we’re tailoring our service to your vehicle's needs.

Not all mechanics will agree with us on this, but we believe most manufacturers generally have a pretty good understanding of what should be replaced when, and so on - so following the schedule ensures the car is kept in good serviceable condition and also helps the resale value should you ever want to sell it. 

In contrast a “basic service” is often advertised at a bargain price and often only includes engine oil and an oil filter replacement, with a very basic check over the vehicle. 

Unfortunately vehicles frequently present to our workshop for the first time with scattered service history which can leave the vehicle in poor condition needing multiple repairs, we often hear things like “but it was only serviced by x 6 months ago!” or “my partner services it regularly” 

Whilst logbook servicing will cost more in the short term than a “basic” service, it definitely pays off in the long run. 

Not sure if your vehicle has been properly serviced? 

Give us a call or pop in for a tailored quote for exactly what you need. 

Is your vehicle modified for enhanced performance?

Talk to us today about the need for additional maintenance which may be a wise investment.

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