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Simple checks before a trip

Simple checks before a trip

It’s that time of the year, are you getting ready to pack the car, family and hit the road?

While holidays are great they can also be thrown off course if the car decides to pack it in. Here are a few things we suggest checking before your next family adventure. 

  • Tyre pressure (including spare) You can top your tyres up at the local petrol station or 7-11 - You’ll find the correct pressures located somewhere in the vehicle such as (picture) door jamb or fuel flap (picture). Don’t forget the spare!
  • Oil level - The motor oil is the lifeblood of the vehicle (any Seinfeld fans?) Before a trip check the level of your oil by pulling out the dipstick, wiping it off and dipping it again. Here’s a video with our apprentice Bart, showing you how it’s done. 
  • Coolant level - It’s important to have the coolant system in good condition prior to any long trips, especially when going into warmer climates with a high load on the engine (full car, Air conditioning, luggage). You’ll want to locate this blue cap (picture) and fill it to the maximum level as pictured - topping this up with tap water is fine, but if you notice yours is very pale like this one (picture) give us a call and we can get it sorted before your trip.
  • Tyre tread depth - Tyres are all that keeps you, and your family connected to the road - Make sure yours still have plenty of life by looking for these lugs between the tread (tread depth indicators, or indicators). If you notice one or two are different or uneven, it might be a sign that the vehicle needs an alignment, rotation of tyres- or that a suspension component is worn.
  • Light check - You’ll need some help for this one, have a friend or family member look and confirm that each of your lights is working properly before your trip- this ensures you can see others, and they can see you too.

Have a great trip - from the team at Ringwood Autohaus. 

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